Hillsboro Szechuan

For an authentically traditional Chinese experience, look no further than Hillsboro Szechuan Garden. The go-to place for traditional Chinese food, Hillsboro Szechuan Garden uses fresh ingredients and authentic recipes for dine-in, pick up or delivery food options. The food you order online for delivery will be the same as what is served at location. Located in Hillsboro Oregon, Hillsboro Szechuan Garden seeks to bring Szechuan flavors and traditions to customers who enjoy Chinese cuisine.

Each dish is made with love and care from the chefs who have spent time learning the way traditional Szechuan meals are to be made. The friendly staff will make sure that the food is delivered to you hot and fresh whether it’s at the table for a dine-in experience or pick-up option. Beautifully plated, and expertly seasoned, each meal is guaranteed to be delicious each bite from the first to the last.

The Hillsboro Szechuan Garden website shows each dish offered with beautiful pictures of what is available for lunch and dinner options. The menu that can be viewed online shows the prices of each dish, that way when you order for delivery or pick-up you know how much the meal is going to be when you order. Photos of the meals offered are prominently displayed on every page of the site in beautiful detail. Customers can also adjust the spiciness levels of the dishes they order, and the dish itself is pictured clearly on the take-out menu tab. For the best place to eat traditional Chinese food, look no further than Szechuan Garden located in Hillsboro Oregon.