Dim Sum In Beaverton

If you want the most delicious, authentic, traditional, Chinese cuisine, visit Szechuan Garden. Whether you want to dine in, take out or delivery, Szechuan Garden is a great choice. They have a reputation for fresh quality ingredients, excellent service, and friendly, caring staff. If you want delicious, flavorful dim sum in Beaverton, then you have to taste the traditional dim sum they serve at Szechuan Garden. It is made from a traditional recipe and a unique flair that has customers coming back again and again.

Outstanding Chinese Cuisine

In addition to serving the best tasting authentic dim sum in Beaverton, Szechuan Garden has delicious, exotic, traditional Szechuan dishes every day of the week. Our amazing dishes are made with the finest quality fresh ingredients. We consistently get rave reviews for our Chong Qing hot chicken, Mandarin crispy chicken, and excellent hot and spicy dried pot dishes. We have been widely recognized for serving some of the most flavorful authentic dim sum in Beaverton as well as many other fresh cooked exceptional authentic Chinese dishes. Eating our dishes is an incredible experience you will never forget.

Chef’s Specials

Our chef specializes in making a wide range of delicious light, mild, hot, and spicy authentic traditional Chinese dishes. They include Szechuan spicy crab, Shanghai-style pork dumplings, honey walnut prawns, Dandan noodles, Wan Zhou hot and spicy grilled fish, Ma Po tofu with ground pork, and much more. Plus, we make some of the best tasting authentic Chinese dim sum in Beaverton. Our chef is trained in the art of creating many
of the most amazing, great-tasting, traditional Chinese dishes in a matter of minutes.
Whether you want to dine in or order take-out our cuisine will make your taste buds jump for joy.

Affordable Prices

Whether you want the best dim sum in Beaverton or our other many flavorful traditional
Chinese dishes, we have them at prices that can easily fit into any budget. Call us today.