Chinese Restaurant in Portland

The next time you are looking for a good Chinese restaurant in Portland, Oregon, make sure you put the Szechuan Garden right at the top of your list. Noted for it’s authentic and downright delicious cuisine, this local gem offers traditional dishes rooted deep in the Szechuan region of China.

Owned by Daniel Chen, this Chinese restaurant in Portland can fulfil your every craving for a real Asian feast, whether you choose to visit the eatery or you just feel like some good old fashioned Chinese takeout for movie night.

Szechuan Garden also offers delivery service through Doordash, GrubHub, and Uber Eats, so if you are having friends over for dinner or you just don’t feel like putting shoes on, you can still sample the wonderful authentic flavors of Szechuan Garden.

Offering such classic dishes as Chong Qing Hot Chicken, Szechuan Beef, and of course the prerequisite Egg Rolls, this Chinese restaurant in Portland is also popular for their Hot & Spicy Pot meals with every option imaginable from prawns to sliced lotus root.

The warmth of old China really shines in this little eatery, with all meal items on the menu listed in the Chinese characters as well as the English name of the dish. And the sheer variety of options is quite staggering as well, with over 200 items on the menu plus beverages.

So if you are looking for a friendly and authentic Chinese restaurant in Portland, stop by the Szechuan Garden and soak in the colors and flavors of a great Chinese dining experience. Happy Szechuan!