Chinese Food in Portland

It now has a rich history but most people do not know how Chinese food in Portland, such as the type found at our restaurant, came to be so popular in the first place. Many of the customers who come to eat our authentic Chinese food in Portland are curious to know where the Chinese culinary history first began for them. Historians say there’s no reliable written source to help trace the history of Chinese food in Portland but archaeologists have been able to preserve some of the artifacts they found to get a good idea of how it was invented in the first place. In fact 15 years ago, they found the oldest noodles ever discovered in one of the provinces of china known as lajia. It is thought to date all the way back to the han dynasty where they were able to develop new ways to preserve army rations when they were on patrol. They believe that shaobing, a chinese type of layered flat bread, was first brought to the provinces of china from xiyu, a region of central Asia not too far outside of the borders of china. During the tang dynasty, they had access to a lot more of the ingredients that would form the Chinese cuisine we all know today such as fruit, soybeans & yams. They even ate a wide variety of meat such as pork, chicken, lamb & even bears as well as sea otters. But there were some foods they did not eat as they were advised not to eat beef since they wanted to use those animals to help plow the fields & pull their carts. Nowadays, they use the term Szechuan as a way to refer to the Chinese food in Portland. Our food has been known to be some of the most outstanding in the area & we also pride ourselves on having a top notch staff. For more info, visit our website.