Best take out in Hillsboro

Traditional Chinese Cuisine at Home
It’s Friday night and you are hungry. Not just hungry, but you are hearing your stomach growl as you ponder yet another burger joint or steakhouse and just want something different. Did you know that Szechuan Garden does the best take out in Hillsboro? Whether you feel like dining in the restaurant with the courteous staff or just enjoying some delicious dumplings on your couch, Szechuan Garden can handle your take out needs expertly and efficiently. You have the option of calling your local location or simply going to their website,, to view the menu in full and get your mouth watering. Take out options are becoming far more convenient, and to be honest far more safe, during the ongoing pandemic. Szechuan Garden has taken this challenge by the proverbial horns and is hoping to provide you with the best take out in Hillsboro. Why have a burger when your palate longs for pot stickers? Why settle for pizza carelessly thrown in box when you know the joy of Hot and Sour soup with a beautifully fried egg roll on the side? Whether you crave noodles, soup, fried rice, or my personal favorite Mandarin Crispy Chicken, you are just a few clicks away from the food you deserve after a long day. Could it be any easier to get the best take out in Hillsboro? Well, yes it can actually. By visiting the website you can easily print off a To-Go menu to see the more than 100 menu items that you and your family can enjoy in the comfort of your home. The To-Go menu will provide you with the business hours for both lunch and dinner, contact information for call-ahead seating and ordering, and prices for all entrees and starters. The only question left is what are you eating tonight? As for me and mine, we will be enjoying Szechuan Garden and the best take out in Hillsboro, Oregon. Will you be jealous, or will you be joining us?