Beaverton Chinese Restaurant

Are you looking for authentic and delicious Chinese dishes? If yes, then consider Szechuan Garden that takes you back to the roots of Chinese cuisine. This is a Beaverton Chinese Restaurant with quality Chinese dishes. Here you can enjoy the best Chinese food made using fresh and safe ingredients.

The food offered at Beaverton Chinese Restaurant comprises traditional recipes that take you years back and remind you of the Chinese roots. The flare is authentic giving you an amazing Chinese experience. You can be sure to come back again as the taste is unique and delicious.

• Beaverton Chinese Restaurant is now open for dining on and take-outs.
• Get to enjoy a 5% discount on your take-out order today.
• The offer is valid for offer pickups placed through our website.

What is on offer?

There are a variety of dishes to choose from for lunch, dinner, drinks, To-Go, and Chef’s Special.

Lunch special

The lunch special at Beaverton Chinese Restaurant includes beef, seafood, vegetarian, chicken, pork, and chow Mein rice. Each of the dishes comes in different combinations.

Dinner menu
• Appetizer
• Special cold dishes
• Soup
• Rice dishes
• Noodle soup
• Chicken and duck dishes
• Chow Mein ad Crispy noodle
• Beef and lamb dishes
• Pork dishes
• Tofu dishes
• Seafood dishes
• Hot and spicy pot dishes
• Vegetable dishes
• Soft drinks

How it works

There are varieties of authentic Chinese dishes and soft drinks to consider. We create incredible dishes on order and deliver them right to your doorstep.

Visit our site and choose a suitable Chinese dish and let’s cook it in the shortest time possible.

• Choose a dish
• Place and order
• Have it delivered
Enjoy incredible and authentic Chinese food in the comfort of your home.

We bring the true taste of traditional Chinese dishes immersing you in the Chinese culture and history. Our dishes are the true taste and experience of a real Szechuan. You can dine and enjoy your lunches with a true taste.