Beaverton best take out

If you are looking for Beaverton best take out look no farther than Szechuan Garden. They offers both lunch and dinner specials on their take out. Some of the meals that you can get from Beaverton best take out with Szechuan Garden are soups such as: Egg Flower Soup, Hot and Sour Soup, Hot and Sour Garlic Wonton Soup, Seafood Tofu Soup, and even Assorted Vegetable Tofu Soup. They also offer many different types of chicken such as: Kung Po Chicken, Cashew Chicken, Chicken with Black Bean Sauce, Sesame Chicken, Crispy Chicken with Hot Garlic Sauce, Chopped Pepper Chicken, Moo Shu Chicken and String Bean Chicken. At the Beaverton best take out with Szechuan Garden you also have many different beef dishes to choose from such as: Cumin Beef, Pan Friend Beef with Green Onion, Broccoli Beef, Mongolian Beef, and Braised Beef Brisket Stew Hot Pot. At the Beaverton best take out with Szechuan Garden you can even get many different lamb and fish options. With those options being: Fried Lamb with cilantro, Whole Fish Hot Braised, Whole Fish with Hot and Spicy Sauce,and Pan Fried Lamb with Green Onions. There are also a variety of ways to have Prawn, even with some of the more classic flavors. Getting General Tso’s Prawn could definitely be on the top of your eating list. At the Beaverton best take out with Szechuan Garden they even have some great tofu options, if vegetarian meals are more of what you are looking for. Twice Cooked Tofu, Eggplant with Deep Friend Tofu, and Honey Walnut Crispy Tofu are just a few of the options. You can even order your drinks, with that being Coke products.

The easiest way to order is online. By clicking on the product that you want you can also select spice options, rice options and even do add-ons. There is even a spot for you to type in special requests. When you click on an item, you are also able to see reviews from customers about the dish you are looking at. Once you have all the items you would like to order, just click place order. Wait for your order to be done and enjoy!